InVideo Review – Is it the Best Video Maker Online ?

What is InVideo ?

InVideoย is an online video creation platform(works in browser not the video maker in pc) where you can make videos of almost all kinds, starting from videos for Youtube or you want to upload it to Instagram/ Facebook/ Snapchat profiles or it can be videos for your brand you want to make or you just want to add text and video gets created automatically.

InVideo can be a great choice of platform for people who don’t want much learning curve for creating videos, since on InVideos you have 1000’s of prebuilt video templates for almost all use cases and you can create your video just by doing Drag & Drop of images/music, text, etc. You can create a team on InVideo and add your team members over there, they can join the same InVideo workspace and all team members can collaborate with each other on InVideo to make your day more productive.

InVideo Features

  • WaterMark Free Videos
  • 1000’s of Handcrafted templates to choose from
  • Automated Text to Speech
  • Make videos in any language
  • You own the rights for the video
  • Add Unlimited Team members for better collaboration
  • Brand Presets (You can preselect your brand colors, logo and whenever you create a new video on InVideo those will come by default and you can edit them out if you want)
  • 24/7 world class support
  • Convert Articles to Video
  • Amazing Media Library
  • You can adjust sped of your videos alongside adding visual effects on your videos in a snap
  • You can upload your own media files
invideo reviews

InVideos video templates are very diverse in category. Here is the list of some categories:

  • Business Presentations
  • Slideshows
  • Intro & Outro Reveals
  • Offers & Discounts
  • Invites & Wishes
  • Video ads for your brand
  • Video Collages
  • Motivational & Quote Videos
  • Webinar promos
  • and many more…

InVideo Pricing

InVideoย team has done a pretty good job in keeping the pricing both affordable and simple to understand for its customers. InVideo has yearly and monthly payment categories andย  Invidos has mainly 2 plans and in both the plans you will get priority support from InVideo team. ย 

1. Business: This plan is best suited for small businesses or people whose videos requirement is not too much. In this plan from InVideo you will own the rights of the video and you get 10GB cloud storage for your videos. If you need more storage you can upgrade to unlimited plan .You can export maximum 60 videos per month in this plan.ย 

Yearly Planย  ย  ย ->ย  10$/ month

Monthly Planย  ->ย  ย 20$/month

2. Unlimited:ย This plan is best suited for media agencies or businesses where a lot of video creation work is done.ย In this plan from InVideo you will own the rights of the video and you get 100GB cloud storage for your videos. .You can export unlimited videos per month in this plan.ย 

Yearly Planย  ย  ย ->ย  30$/ month

Monthly Planย  ->ย  ย 60$/month

InVideo also has a FREE plan where you can create and export watermark free videos but you don’t own the video rights and there are many more restrictions on this free plan.

InVideo Pros and Cons

  • Very Easy to use and possibly the perfect option for people who want to create professional looking videos in a snap.
  • InVideo works in a browser so it’s independent of your PC, so if you are looking for best video editor for windows 7,8, 10 or mac os and your machine cannot run heavy video editing softwares then InVideo can prove to be a boon in your life.
  • You can make professional looking videos in anyย  language and you get to own the rights of the video.
  • You get prebuilt templates which make the video creation process very fast.
  • You can convert moving text to video and many more cools effects on InVideo.
  • Once you have created video on InVideo you can export that in HD or FHD format or share the link of video with other people with whom you want to share the video.
  • You can add unlimited team members to InVideo and they can collaborate with you.
Nothing major issues with InVideo but there are few things I think you should know:
  • Maximum video duration of a single video is 15 minutes.
  • InVideo doesn’t support 4K video yet.
So at the end, I would like to say that if you are looking for a video maker tool where you can create professional looking videos then InVideo is not at all a bad option. Once you start usingย InVideoย you will get adapted to it’s easy to use user interface very quickly.
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